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Labor Neighbor Radio was formed by members of unions within the Washington State Labor Council to inform listeners of labor issues and news that often are not available through the mainstream media.
Paramount to our mission is providing working families with information they need in their daily lives.   Secondary is our desire for people to know that labor unions try to improve not only their working conditions, but their lives in society.
We are a non-profit corporation with a Board of Directors chosen from a variety of unions and advocates for working families.  Research, writing and production are performed primarily by the Seattle Local of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Newspaper Guild, with assistance from the Screen Actors Guild. 
Contributions from local unions and their district or state councils help make these materials available,  along with our commercial sponsors.

Labor Neighbor Radio Staff

Our Goals


  • To inform and educate about working family issues.
  • To deliver pertinent labor news
  • To  instruct about employee rights
  • To have some fun

Labor Neighbor Radio is a Washington State Non-profit corporation. Chartered 9/7/2006.  UBI Number:602-548-495;  APPID: 658988.